I am born and raised on Long Island. I currently live in Northport, New York with my very supportive husband and two teenage daughters who have done more than their fair share of modeling to carry me thru this adventure.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. Scrapbooking and winning first place in a "Simple Scrapbook" convention is where I realized my true passion was photography. I love being behind the lens, but also love spending countless hours turning photographs into a piece of art.

For years I was snapping away at events and photographing children, posting them online, only to learn that people were purchasing my images. Three years ago my husband bought me a studio lighting kit. I was simply horrified. I said "I will never be able to shoot with studio lighting"....fast forward...I have played, practiced, attended workshops from New York City to Canada, photographed anyone who would let me. I did photo shoots I never thought I could do (i.e. sunset beach wedding this past summer and an engagement portrait in New York City that was published in the New York TImes wedding section). I have been published in various local magazines and calendars. I am also now a prop junkie and am in love with studio portraiture. My style is casual but unique because of the many fun props I like to incorporate into my sessions. I absolutely love working with babies and children. I am on a continually evolving photographic journey. I learn something new every day. I never stop challenging myself . If you have an idea of your own, show me and lets give it a "shot"!